Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger Collection - Explore, Learn, and Protect!

Each year, thousands of children recite the Junior Ranger motto: Explore, Learn, and Protect! By doing so, they take an oath to protect parks, learn about parks, and share their own ranger stories with friends and family. Junior Rangers are typically between the ages of 5-13, although people of all ages can participate. Almost all National Park Service parks participate in this activity-based program, and Junior Ranger Day is observed in April every year in national parks.

To achieve the rank of Junior Ranger, a child must complete a series of activities during a park visit and share their answers with a park ranger. Upon successful completion of those assignments, the child is promoted and receives an official Junior Ranger patch and certificate.

Our line of Junior Ranger products extends the experience of the park to home and school. Your child can proudly display their Junior Ranger status, reminding them and everyone else that parks are important, and you'll feel good knowing that the proceeds from your purchase will help national parks!