Wupatki National Monument Book


Those who lived at Wupatki eight centuries ago knew of distant lands, of far-flung peoples. Most of them, or their grandparents, had come from somewhere else themselves. They built tall stone houses on the rims of shallow canyons that led to the Little Colorado River. People from all directions followed these natural avenues of travel to bring all sorts of goods to exchange with others doing the same thing. Those who had settled Wupatki traveled as well, to trade and hunt, and to maintain their kinships with places and families left behind, but not forgotten. This rich history led archeologists to conduct a survey of all 56 square miles of this national monument, providing the insights necessary to create a rich picture of the history of this land. Learn about all of it, and more, in Wupatki National Monument. 15 pages.

  • By Susan Lamb
  • Paper
  • Trim size: 9" x 9"
  • ISBN: 978-1877856471
  • Made in the United States
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