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Join & Give

When you support WNPA, you support national parks

Since our founding in 1938, WNPA has given more than $120 million to national parks, funding educational and interpretive programs, research projects, park store personnel, and more. When you give to WNPA, you are giving to more than 70 national parks across 12 Western states. Here are the ways you can help:

Become a Member

A WNPA "Park Protector" member can be anyone who loves national parks and wants to protect and improve them so they can be enjoyed by everyone, for all time. With your tax-deductible yearly contribution, you will improve educational and recreational opportunities in parks, fund scientific research, and much more! To thank you for your support, you will receive exclusive discounts, invitations, opportunities, and more.

Support Parks

Donations are the most efficient way you can support our partner parks. WNPA directs 100% of donations toward our mission of advancing education, interpretation, research, and community engagement at national parks.

About WNPA

WNPA helps make the national park experience possible for everyone. As a nonprofit education partner of the National Park Service, WNPA supports parks across the West, developing products, services, and programs that enhance the visitor experience, understanding, and appreciation of national parks. Since 1938 WNPA has worked to connect new generations to parks in meaningful ways, all with one simple goal: create advocates who want to preserve and protect these special places for everyone, for all time. Learn more at