Prairie Dog Plush Toy

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Now you can safely snuggle your favorite wild animal! Meet the prairie dog! These cute little burrowing critters are found in grasslands and prairies throughout North America. They live in large communities called towns, which can stretch for miles. Prairie dogs are known for their playful nature and are often seen popping in and out of their burrows, chasing each other around, and standing on their hind legs to "bark" at passersby. They're quite social, and have complex communication systems that allow them to communicate with each other about food, predators, and other important information. They are also an important part of the prairie ecosystem and play a role in seed dispersal and soil aeration.

This prairie dog plush toy won’t do any digging in your yard, but it will be happy to snuggle. With its fluffy fur and cute little face, this prairie dog stuffed animal is sure to please. Take it with you on the go as a travel buddy or cuddle up with it at night. Don’t miss out on the chance to own your very own prairie dog plushie!

  • 5” x 8 1/2" x 3”
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