Pilgrim, Paddler, Poet: The Ranger Chronicles


Part first-person memoir, part celebration of the natural world, part insider journalism, Pilgrim, Paddler, Poet: The Ranger Chronicles: Tales from a Life in the National Parks is a must-read for rangers, aspiring rangers, armchair travelers, and lovers of the nation's parklands. With both humor and deep insight, Deb Liggett, an Anchorage-based writer and a former superintendent of Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks and Preserves for 25 years for the National Park Service, transports readers through landscapes and stark canyons, austere deserts, thundering rivers, tropical waters, and vast tundra.

Park Rangers wear their experiences proudly: a callus from a backpacking trip, prickly pear spines that just won’t let go, or bruises from a political fight over park protection. Ranger Liggett chronicles her lifetime of work and shares where she found her solace.  - Jonathan B. Jarvis, former ranger and 18th director of the National Park Service.

Her address is desert, mountain, island, planet … Come meet her friends: gray hawk, muskox, night sky. Accept the gift of a feather. Read this book.  - Pamela Alexander, Pulitzer Prize–nominated poet.

The Ranger Chronicles made me want to be a park ranger. … She’s a gifted storyteller with humor and valuable insights into keeping love alive.  - Fran Ulmer, Lt. Governor of Alaska, 1994–2002.

  • ISBN-13: 978-0-578821-19-1
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published by Jackrabbit Press in 2021
  • Written by Deb Liggett
  • Illustrated by Nathalie Aall
  • Audience: Adult
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