Opossum Eco Pals Plush Puppet


Now you can safely snuggle your favorite wild animal! Opossums' unique survival tactic is legendary—pretending to be dead at the first sign of danger. These adaptable omnivores are survivors, capable of eating everything from insects to mice to birds to berries and inhabiting a wide variety of environments. With sharp claws and more than 50 teeth, they're not afraid to get their hands (or should we say paws) dirty. Remarkably, these marsupials are immune to the toxins of honeybees, scorpions, and even rattlesnakes, and, like kangaroos, raise their young in their own fur-lined pouch—truly one of a kind!

This opossum Eco Pal plush puppet toy just wants to play. Plus, this opossum stuffed puppet is responsibly made, using 100% recycled plush material and absolutely no plastic in its construction, filling, or packing materials. Help your child develop a healthy respect and appreciation for the natural world by picking up this Eco Pal opossum plush puppet today!

  • Eco Pal plush toy puppet made from 100% recycled plush material
  • No plastic is used anywhere in its construction, stuffing, or packaging material
  • Size: 10" x 12" x 10"
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