Medicine of the People Pinion Sap Soothing Salve


Many people report that this pinon sap salve is nearly indispensable. No matter where you are in your travels, it will never fail you. Rub it on a burn, a skinned knee, sooth the sting of a wind burned face or apply to a boot rubbed foot after hiking all day. This small tin is very concentrated so only a small amount is needed to do the trick.

The sap used in this salve is gathered from the Pinon tree, a tree that holds a special place in the hearts of Navajo people. It is not an easy substance to work with, having a very sticky nature. It needs to be processed before it can be used in a salve. It is an expensive, labor intensive process, but definitely worth it once you benefit from its healing nature.

3/4 oz tin. ingredients include:

  • Pinon sap (wild crafted)
  • Pesticide free bees wax
  • African shea nut butter
  • Organic oils: sunflower, coconut and jojoba
  • T-50 vitamin E oil
  • Made in the United States
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