Lyndon B. Johnson Hereford Cow Plush Toy


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As a teenager, Lyndon Baines Johnson spent summers helping out on his Uncle Clarence Martin's cattle ranch along the Pedernales River. Johnson's attachment to this land was strong. He was born down the road on a farm that had originally been settled by his grandfather. In 1951, Martin gave the dilapidated 250-acre ranch to Senator Johnson in return for a lifetime right to Johnson's mother's house in Johnson City. Among the many improvements Johnson made to the newly christened "LBJ Ranch" was the inclusion of four hundred registered Hereford cattle. The Hereford cow has since become synonymous with the LBJ Ranch.

Commemorate this special relationship between LBJ and his beloved Herefords with our stuffed animal replica Hereford cow. Its soft and comfy body measures 10" in length and it even comes with LBJ's signature branded horn.

  • Size: 10" nose to tail
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