Lake Mead National Rec. Area Pin - Hoover Dam Benchmark


While X marks the spot where treasure can be found, these metal disks-known as bench marks-mark a geological treasure! Benchmarks show land surveyors, engineers, map makers, and other professionals their exact position on the earth. Not only do they serve this surveying purpose, but they are also seen as treasure for some location hunters. People across the US search out these benchmarks to see how many they can find. The unique importance of these metal discs is why we've produced a cast metal benchmark pin representing Hoover Dam at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Add to (or start!) your collection today. A rubber stud clutch attachment securely affixes this pin to any fabric surface.

  • Official park pin approved be the National Park Service for Lake Mead National Recreation Area
  • Size: 1 1/8"
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