Essential Southwest Cookbook


The food editors at Rio Nuevo Publishers handpicked more than 125 recipes that showcase the most delicious dishes in southwestern cuisine. From traditional standbys to modern classics, this book is for anyone who loves the flavors, aromas, and zesty foods of the region.

Arranged by ingredients, this user-friendly cookbook will be your guide to exploring the culinary delights that have been perfected over thousands of years. This is the definitive guide to Southwest cooking, and it is appropriate for all skill levels. Savor a refreshing gazpacho. Blast your taste buds with spicy chiles. Learn how to make the perfect tamale. Indulge in rich dulce de leche. 152 pages.

  • By Rio Nuevo Publishers
  • Paper
  • Trim size: 9" x 9"
  • ISBN: 978-1933855905
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