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This store is operated by Western National Parks Association (WNPA), a nonprofit education partner of the National Park Service (NPS). WNPA supports more than 70 parks across the West, developing products, services, and programs that enrich the visitor experience. Since 1938 WNPA has worked to connect new generations to parks in meaningful ways, all with one simple goal: to create advocates who want to preserve and protect these special places for everyone, for all time. Learn more at www.wnpa.org.

Every Purchase Supports National Parks

Helping national parks is as easy as hiking a loop trail. Your dollars start at the trailhead when you make a purchase from, donate to, or become a member of WNPA. Your contribution moves along the trail, sponsoring community programs, funding special events, kickstarting research projects, and creating educational and recreational opportunities for children. Then, as other people experience these programs, events, and opportunities, they are inspired to become a WNPA partner themselves.

About WNPA

WNPA has made the national park experience possible for everyone since 1938, when the staff of Casa Grande Ruins National Monument decided to form a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the educational mission of the NPS. Here are just a few highlights from WNPA history:

  • July 22, 1938 - Southwest Monuments Association (SWMA), the precursor to WNPA, is established in Casa Grande, Arizona. It serves 18 national monuments.
  • December 1938 - SWMA publishes its first book, The Guide to Southwestern National Monuments. The third edition is still in print today and can be purchased here.
  • 1940s - the SWMA home office consolidates with the NPS Regional Office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • 1952 - the SWMA home office relocates to Globe, Arizona.
  • Late 1960s - because SWMA now serves more than just national monuments, it reincorporates as Southwest Parks and Monuments Association (SPMA).
  • 1972 - SPMA serves 37 partner parks.
  • 1984 - the SPMA home office relocates to Tucson, Arizona.
  • 1988 - by its 50th anniversary, SPMA works with 48 partner parks, has an award-winning publishing program, and funds grants to support scientific research in its parks.
  • 1993 - SPMA’s cumulative financial aid to parks exceeds $10 million.
  • 2002 - SPMA moves to its current home in Oro Valley, Arizona, putting corporate and warehouse operations under one roof. They also opened The National Parks Store.
  • 2002 - SPMA reincorporates as Western National Parks Association (WNPA). WNPA serves 62 national parks.
  • 2011 - WNPA becomes a major sponsor of the Tucson Festival of Books and hosts The National Park Experience Pavilion.
  • 2016 - WNPA’s online store, Western National Parks Store, is upgraded to its current version.
  • 2018 - by its 80th anniversary, WNPA supports 71 national parks and operates 81 park stores.