White Sands National Park Patch - Manhattan Project


Wear your patches with pride and show the world your love for our national parks! This colorful, sturdy patch representing White Sands National Park features an embroidered image of the original design used on the patch issued to military personnel who participated in the Manhattan Project, the code name for the project tasked with developing a nuclear bomb. The test explosion site, named Trinity, is within the boundaries of White Sands National Park.

The blue background represents the universe. A white cloud and a lightning bolt form a question mark symbolizing the unknown results and the secrecy surrounding the project. The lightning bolt extends down to split a yellow atom representing atomic fission and the expected success of the test. The red and blue star in the center of the question mark is the insignia for the Army Service Forces to which the soldiers working the Manhattan Project were assigned.

  •  Official park patch approved by the National Park Service for White Sands National Park
  • Size: 2 1/2" x 3"
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