Tootsa - Hummingbird Canvas Print


This print depicts Tootsa, or hummingbird, as it gathers nectar among blossoms. With the colors of the rainbow and its relationship between flowers and rain, Hummingbird wears a blessed prayer feather upon him. Below the clouds are desert mesas with petroglyphs of a rain cloud and migration spiral representing the travels he takes across the Southwest. Among flowering plants, Tootsa cares for tobacco plant blossoms used in rituals to summon rain clouds to benefit all life. Runners aspire to be like hummingbirds known for their swiftness and endurance.

This mini canvas print Tootsa - Hummingbird is part of a series from Hopi and Cherokee artist Gerald Dawavendewa. Each piece of art depicts an animal or spirit that is a significant part of the Indigenous world, a description of the artwork, information on the Indigenous culture that inspired the artist, and an artist biography.

  • Title: Tootsa - Hummingbird
  • Artist: Gerald Dawavendewa (Hopi & Cherokee)
  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Smudge-, fade-, and water-resistant pigments on heavyweight canvas on a wood frame
  • Includes saw tooth hanger
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
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