Saguaro National Park Javelina Shaker Keychain

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The javelina is one of the most well-known critters of the desert Southwest. They can be seen throughout the region, often in familial groups. Though these groups might look kind of cute, they are wild animals that can be aggressive, so be careful in their presence in the wild. Our javelina shaker keychain, on the other hand, is much more approachable.

Our new shaker keychain features three independent pieces that come together to form a javelina. Each piece features an epoxy-coated image of a portion of the javelina, and when they align you have a complete animal. Saguaro National Park is laser-engraved on the reverse.

  • Fob Size: 1" x 2”
  • Ring Size: 1" round
  • Overall Size: 1" x 5"
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