Poster Art of the WPA Puzzle


The Works Progress Administration, or WPA, was created by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 to help relieve the economic impact of the Great Depression. By the time it was disbanded in 1943 it employed more than eight-and-a-half million workers. Seven percent of the WPA budget was reserved for arts projects, and one of the projects taken on by WPA artists was designing posters to encourage visits to national parks. Only 14 National Park Service sites were included in the original poster program, but the WPA style became so popular that many parks started commissioning imitation posters. This colorful puzzle features a combination of the original WPA posters and the modern interpretations. Grab one for yourself, or the national park enthusiast in your life, because puzzles make great gifts!

  • 1000 pieces
  • Completed size: 17 1/4" x 26 1/2"
  • Made in the United States
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