Navajo Nation Flag Sticker

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On May 21, 1968, the flag was adopted for the Navajo Nation, a reservation in the Southwestern United States. This flag was designed by Jay R. Degroat, a student from Mariano Lake, New Mexico, and was initially selected from 140 entries for the Navajo Flag Competition. It incorporates elements of the tribal seal designed by John Claw, Jr. adopted earlier, on 18 January 1952. 

On a pale tan are the four sacred mountains of four different colors from the Navajo creation myth. The center element of the flag is a map of the Navajo Nation with a white disk in the center that features the Navajo tribal seal.. A rainbow symbolizing Navajo sovereignty appears over the main design

  • Size: 4" x 2 1/2"
  • Made in the United States
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