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San Juan Pot—Rosita De Herrera

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The Tewa Pueblo of San Juan lies in a fertile spot near the confluence of the Chama River and the Rio Grande. For centuries the potters of San Juan made polished red and black pottery, and durable tan pottery decorated with a wide band of red slip. They were often purchased for practical uses by the nearby Hispanic villages. In the 1930s, new influences led to the development of the “new” style.

The “new” style is a blend of the ancient traditions and the historic tan-with-red-middle pottery. Rims and bases are slipped and polished red while the middle is left as unslipped tan clay. Geometric designs are usually incised into the tan field and then painted with sparkly micaceous slip. Other methods include painting the incised designs with red, white, and buff matte paints. This piece crafted by Rosita De Herrara exemplifies all of these traditions.

  • Artist- Rosita De Herrara
  • Size- 5 5/8" x 5 5/8" x 2 5/8"


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