Kiva Cross & Crown: The Pecos Indians and New Mexico, 1540-1840


A meticulous and engaging history of one of the largest and most powerful Pueblos.

Northern New Mexico has been inhabitated by people of European heritage for over 400 years--and by Native Americans skilled in agriculture and stone masonry for 1000's of years. This book covers the history of the now-gone Pecos Pueblo from before 1540 thru 1840. Pecos Pueblo was built along the upstream banks of the river we now call the Pecos near where this river leaves the high altitude southern Rocky Mountains. It was the largest of the Indian Pueblos, and probably the most culturally diverse. This time period also coincides with the Spanish Colonial period of New Spain; and ends just about the time of the Anglo-American military conquest. So "Kiva, Cross, and Crown" effectively covers about 300 years of written histories occuring in North America prior to the coming of the "American History" that most of us are familiar with. For this reason alone, this is a fascinating work of history. Richly illustrated with drawings from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth. 304 pages.

  • by John L. Kessell
  • Paper
  • Trim Size- 6 1/4" x 9"
  • ISBN- 9781877856563
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