Juan Bautista de Anza Trail Hiking Stick Medallion - Badge


For generations hikers in Europe have collected pictorial medallions of different regions to attach to their staff. Each unique collectible serves as a memento of a new region explored or a new trail conquered. And speaking of historic trails, Juan Bautista de Anza trail is the epitome. Nearly 250 years ago, in 1775, a young Spanish commander led a group of mostly poor villagers - men, women and children - together with more than 1,000 horses and cattle from the Mexican state of Sinaloa northwards across a vast desert to the far reaches of the Empire in what was then called Alta California. This rich history is preserved by the National Park Service, as the Juan Bautista de Anza Trail is part of the NPS system.

These medallions are hand made by a master engraver and then individually hand-painted. Sold with brads for attaching them to a hiking staff.

  • Size- 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"
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