History of the Southwest: The Land and its People


Something about the Southwest draws people who are independent. From the Apaches, who migrated south six hundred years ago, to the Spanish exploring north from Mexico not much later, to the Anglo-Americans who ventured west, these were people who wanted to live, as one Comanche leader said, "where the wind blows free and there is nothing to break the light of the sun." A History of the Southwest explores these people, their clashes with each other, with the environment, and, finally, with the forces of an increasingly complex economy.

Thomas Sheridan takes the behavior of individuals such as Geronimo, Wyatt Earp, Theodore Roosevelt, and local cultural groups such as Pueblo Indians, southern European miners, and ranchers, and shows how history was acted out on the larger stage of the environment, economics, and politics. 80 pages.

  • By Thomas Sheridan
  • Paper
  • Trim size: 8.5" x 11"
  • ISBN: 978-1877856761
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