Golden Spike National Historical Park Promontory Locomotive Project DVD


The Promontory Locomotive Project includes drawings that engineers used to build Golden Spike National Historical Park's replica steam engines. In the 1970s, a California engineering firm built working reproductions of the Jupiter and No. 119 locomotives. These gleaming engines were the culmination of this project that spanned years. With no original plans or blueprints, engineers and technicians built the historic American Standard 4-4-0 replica locomotives using a locomotive engineer's design handbook from 1870 and micrometer measurements from 1869 photographs of the two engines. Engineers spent nearly two years of the project creating more than 700 drawings, which are included in this DVD. When the locomotives were completed, every dimension was within a quarter inch of the original. The plans show you every detail of these engineering masterpieces. Drawings are proportional and can be used for visual measurements only. Drawings may be enlarged or reduced and are not necessarily to scale.

  • ISBN: 9781583690512
  • Genre: Travel, History
  • Format: DVD
  • Published by Western National Parks Association in 2009
  • Audience: General
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