Fox Mini Puppet Plush Toy


Now you can safely snuggle your favorite wild animal, the fox, a mischievous creature known for its striking red fur and bushy tail. This master of disguise blends into its natural surroundings, making it particularly hard to spot. Known for their intelligence and cunning, fox is often depicted as a trickster in American Indian folklore. They are also swift and agile, making them skilled night hunters, their piercing eyes shining like green jewels in the darkness. Foxes are also quite vocal, using sounds like barks, screams, and whistles as a means of communication.

No need to worry about this fox plush puppet toy barking at you—it just wants to play! You and your child can act out your favorite adventures while playing with this adorable plush fox puppet.

  • Size: 4" x 5" x 5"
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