Eugy Black Bear 3D Puzzle


EUGY 3D Puzzles bring "A spoon full of cuteness" crafted for our planet. Made of 100% recyclable materials, these 3D puzzles are made of eco-friendly ink with biodegradable, sturdy cardboard construction. Each kit takes about 10-20 minutes to build and includes non-toxic glue.

This Black Bear 3D puzzle slumbers on its stomach, blowing a lazy bubble to show an exaggerated state of deep slumber. Bears may hibernate for up to 8 months, entering a dormant state where they retire to their caves and don't eat or drink. While they remain mostly still to conserve energy, they aren't actually sleeping the whole time. This puzzle is a perfect arts and crafts activity to help pass some time and teach following instructions. Puzzle also contains fun Bear facts to help kids learn while they build!

  • Assembled size: 4.25" L x 1.61" W x 2.4" H
  • Made from high quality biodegradable cardboard and eco-friendly inks
  • Non-toxic glue is included for assembly
  • Ages: 6+
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