Ernestine's BBQ Sauce


Ernestine VanDuvall, noted culinary star of Nicodemus, passed in 2004 at the age of 83—her forebears were among the first settlers to arrive in Nicodemus in 1877. Ernestine learned to cook in her mother's kitchen, and, as a young child, she worked at Nicodemus's local café, Julia Lee's. From there, she moved to California, enjoying great success, even catering for Walt Disney. Deeply connected to her home, she eventually found her way back to Kansas, opening a restaurant in Nicodemus—appropriately named Ernestine's.

Years later, Ernestine's niece Angela Bates carried on her legacy, using Ernestine's famous recipes with Ernestine's assistance. Ernestine worked all her life, making peach cobbler and entertaining the guests by playing the piano and singing the blues and gospel.

Now you can enjoy a taste of this history through Ernestine's famous BBQ sauce, still as lovingly crafted. It is a favorite among park staff at Nicodemus National Historic Site and sure to please even the most particular BBQ fan!

  • Bottled in Bogue, Kansas
  • Size: 16 oz. jar
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