Desert Dreams DVD


Dispelling the notion that deserts are deserted places, Desert Dreams immerses viewers in a world filled with life and beauty year-round.

This 52-minute multimedia tapestry showcases 182 species of Sonoran Desert plants and animals in a five-season chronology. HD video content and time-lapse imagery captured over four years blends with stills from Thomas Wiewand's photographic archive compiled over three decades. Using no narration, Desert Dreams combines natural sounds with a kaleidoscope of flute and percussion vignettes by Gary Stroutsos. Twenty-nine musical instruments with "earthy tones" can be heard in this film, including Chinese bamboo dizi and xiao flutes, the African clay pot udu drum, a Cuban marimbula thumb piano, a Middle Eastern frame drum, and Southwestern desert contemporary rim flutes.

  • Run time: 52 Minutes
  • Produced by Wild Horizons Productions
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