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Great Seal of the Navajo Nation Hiking Stick Medallion

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For generations hikers in Europe have collected pictorial medallions of different regions to attach to their hiking staff. Each unique collectible serves as a memento of a new region explored or a new trail traversed.

This medallion features the Great Seal of the Navajo Nation. The Great Seal of the Navajo Nation was designed by Mr. John Claw, Jr., of Many Farms, AZ, ans was officially adopted be the Navajo Tribal Council on January 18, 1952. The Great Seal had forty eight projectile points, or arrowheads, symbolizing the Navajo Nation's protection within the forty-eight states (as of 1952). Since then, two points have been added to represent the entire fifty states. The opening at the top of the three concentric line is considered the East. The lines represent the rainbow and sovereignty of the Navajo Nation. The rainbow never closes on the Nationa's sovereignty. The outside line is red, the middle line is yellow, and th inside line, blue. The yellow sun shines from the east on the four sacred mountains:Mount Blanca, Sacred Mountain of the East; Mount Taylor, Sacred Mountain of the South; San Francisco Peaks, Sacred Mountain of the West; and Mount Hesperus, Sacred Mountain of the North. Two cornstalks with pollen symbolize the sustainer of Navajo life. A horse, cow, and sheep, loacated in the center, symbolize the Navajo livestock.

Each is hand made by a master engraver, and then sturdy color enamel is applied to really bring the image to life. Includes brads for solid attachment to a hiking staff.

  • Official Hiking Staff Medallion-Approved by the National Park Service for _____________
  • Size- 1 3/4" round


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