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Man In The Maze Magnet

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The figure known as the "Man in the Maze" is an emblem of the Tohono O'odham Nation of Southern Arizona (formerly known as the Papago Indians). The design, depicting a man exiting a labyrinth, is most often seen on basketry dating back as far as the nineteenth century, and occasionally in Hopi silver art. Labyrinths are common motifs is ancient petroglyphs (Native American rock art), and often resemble those found in ancient Greece and other parts of the world. The figure is said to be I'itoi, an O'odham underworld deity. This symbol is said to represent a person's journey through life.

Although the design appears to be a maze, it is actually a unicursal figure with many twists and turns; these are said to represent choices made in life. Then center is dark, as the journey is one from darkness to light.

  • Size-2 7/8"
  • Perfect for the back of your car. No sticky residue


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