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Aztec Ruins - Chaco Culture Double Puzzle


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Aztec Ruins National Monument preserves what was once the largest ancestral Puebloan community in the Animas River Valley. The people who lived there, mistakenly named "Aztec" because early settlers assumed the structures were built by the Aztec people of Mexico, built and used multistory buildings, ceremonial great kivas, unique triwall structures, and a road network between about 1050 and 1280. The construction techniques used at Aztec were influenced by the structures found at Chaco Canyon and maintained today at Chaco Culture National Historical Park. From about 850 to 1200, Chaco Canyon was considered the center of Chacoan culture. Descendants of ancestral Puebloans say Chaco was not a traditional farming village but a special place where many peoples and clans gathered to share ceremonies and traditions. Because of this Chaco Canyon is a place of origin for several Navajo clans.

This double puzzle features images from each of these magnificent places, one on either side of the puzzle. It's two puzzles in one! Build it once, then flip the pieces over and build it again!

  • 500 pieces
  • Completed size: 22" x 15"


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