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Lewis & Clark National Hist. Trail Jefferson Peace Medal

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When Lewis and Clark embarked on their epic journey, they were well aware that they would inevitably encounter native peoples. In an effort to ingratiate themselves with these native peoples, they brought with them "Jefferson Peace Medals." In fact, they started with at least 89 of these medals. Along their journey, they presented these medals to what the hoped were the tribal leaders of the native people that they encountered.Sometimes they were correct, sometimes not. In either case, these medals helped them with their diplomatic relations as they forged their way west.

Now you can own a peace medal too! Well, a colletible replica at least. Our replica Jefferson Peace Medal Collector coins are designed to look like the originals. They are substatial in weight and feature an image of Jefferson on one side, peace pipes and a handshake on the reverse.

  • Cast Metal
  • Size—1 1/2" round


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