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Mata Ortiz Pot-Guadalupe Gallegos

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Revel in the miracle of Mata Ortiz!

Pottery originating from the Mexican town of Mata Ortiz is intended to recreate pre-Hispanic pottery that was rediscovered during archeological research at the nearby Paquime site around 1960. Interestingly, one man, Juan Quezada Celado, can be credited with the rise of this art form as he singularly learned to recreate, and then update, the ancient designs.

His effort led to a resurgence of pottery specifically from Mata Ortiz, and he developed relationships that allowed him, and the many others who began to take part in this art form, access to museums and fine art galleries in the United States, specifically in Arizona and New Mexico. Today, Mata Ortiz pottery is revered and renowned for its beauty and intricacy of design, and most of the population of the town makes its living in support of this unique decorative pottery.

  • Artist- Guadalupe Gallegos
  • Size- 5 1/8" round, 1 3/8" deep


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