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Jemez Friendship Pot-J.S. Chinana

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Modern Jemez pottery is defined by its variety. Historical circumstances saw the Jemez abandon their traditional black-on-white pottery in the seventeenth century, choosing instead to trade their abundant crops for pottery from neighboring Zia, so their methods were lost to history. But this gave modern artists freedom to start anew, first with inexpensive pieces decorated with poster paint, but eventually developing in sophistication. Contemporary Jemez pottery includes bowls, jars, wedding vases, and figurines; the most popular of which being the storyteller. These circumstances mean that though Jemez pottery is exquisitely crafted, it is much more attainable due to its lower overall price.

  • Artist- J.S. Chinana
  • Dimensions- 4.5" x 4.5" x 4"


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