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Acoma Pot-Berlene Estevan

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The Acoma Pueblo—also called Sky City—is 350 feet off the desert floor and over a thousand years old. Since the eighteenth century, Acoma craftspeople have made pots from local, slate-like clays. Their primary clay is naturally gray; the white slip that coats the entire pot is made from kaolin (sediment of microscopic organisms that once lived in an ancient sea that covered the Great Southwest). When fired, these clays produce a very white vessel. Traditionally, the Acoma use both mineral- and vegetable-based paints for their designs. The characteristic white backgrounds allow the Acoma potters to produce crisp black images as well as rich polychrome designs.

  • Artist- Berlene Estevan
  • Dimensions- 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 4"


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