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Navajo Necklace- Rose Martin

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The eagle feather has long been the symbol of homor, bravery, love, friendship, and mythical powers for the Indian Nation. It is a highly prized posession with many uses for Native American people. It is used in medicinal and religious ceremonies as a symbol to heal, protect, and bless. When worn, the eagle feather is believed to offer protection from harm that others might wish upon you, and shield the wearer from negative energy.

Legendary jeweler Rose Martin creates some of the most sought after jewelry from the great Navajo Nation. This particular example features strung beads of Sterling silver and Kingman Turquoise Navajo Pearls in perfect symmetry. The central pendant is made with a 9/16" turquoise stone, a Sterling silver eagle feather, and a leather tassle, a wonderful mix of materials that creates real drama.  There is tremedous value in this piece with its large turquoise content.

  • Artist- Rose Martin
  • Tribe- Navajo
  • Material- Sterling Silver, Kingman Turquoise, leather 
  • Length- 25" (adjustbable to 23")
  • Pendant Drop- 4 3/4"


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