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Mata Ortiz Bracelet- 5 Element

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Mata Ortiz, Mexico is best known for the fine pottery produced in the region. Of course, the finished pottery from Mata Ortiz is prized for its detailed painting and carving, but occasionally a piece can break, or is damaged during firing. Why let the entire piece go when there is just a small flaw in one small area of the pot? Instead, these pot shards are sent to Taxco, Mexico, the Mexican home for fine silversmithing. It is here that the beautiful pottery is combined with fine silversmithing to create a truly unique piece of jewelry!

This piece features five elements, three etched pieces of Mata Ortiz pottery and two polished agate stones, all set in .950 silver (that's higher silver content than Sterling). The floral motif of the silver lends a playful feel to this piece, making it appropriate for special occasions, or everyday use.

  • Materials- Agate, Mata Ortiz pottery, .950 silver
  • Overall length- 9 3/4"
  • Width of agate elements- 1 3/4"
  • Width of shard elements- 1 9/16"


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