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Enviro Battery

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Help your kids get a head start on their STEM careers with the Enviro Battery. They'll use natural materials like a potato, salt water or mud to power a light or sound a buzzer. This great environmental science activity kit includes:

  • Experiment guide with detailed instructions
  • Four (4) zinc plates
  • Four (4) copper plates
  • Four (4) connexion wires
  • Two (2) plastic cups
  • One (1) paper cup
  • Two (2) specially designed bottle screw caps
  • One (1) light tower with LED lamp and connexion wire
  • One (1) sound chip with connexion wire
  • One (1) LCD watch moment with protective cover
  • One (1) experiment record sheet
  • One (1) set adhesive tape
  • Assembly instruction manual
  • Age group: 8 years and up


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