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Mesquite Cutting Board

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Mesquite is a hardwood indiginous to the Sonoran Desert, a desert that covers includes parts of Arizona, California, and New Mexico in the United State, as well as Northern Mexico. In fact, hardwood is an understatement. Mesquite is also known as Iron Wood, and for good reason. It is exceptionally hard; harder even than oak or maple.

It is this hardness and density that makes mesquite wood difficult to work, but exceptional as a cutting board. Each of these boards is hand-cut and shaped so no two are exactly alike, and they are extremely durable to provide years of use. They can be washed in soap and water, needing only the occasional application of mineral oil to maintain their beauty.

  • Additional images to show possible variations in the board you'll receive
  • Mini- Approximately 6" x 10"
  • Small- Approximately 7" x 11"
  • Medium- Approximately 8" x 14"
  • Large- Approximately 10" x 16"


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