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At the Confluence of Change: A History of Tonto National Monument
Code: T1155
Author: Nancy L. Dallett
Publisher: Western National Parks Association
ISBN: 9781583691137
Soft cover: 256 pages, 6" x 9".

Member Price: $18.76
Non-Member Price: $21.95

President Theodore Roosevelt established Tonto National Monument on December 19,1907. Looking out over the Tonto Basin for seven hundred years, the dwellings had seen cultures ebb and flow, but the development of Arizona during the late nineteenth century began to affect the archeology preserved at the location. At the Confluence of Change relates the events leading up to protecting these unique cliff dwellings and the work done by the National Park Service to care for and interpret the site. ^~Author: Nancy L. Dallett ^~Publisher: Western National Parks Association ^~ISBN: 9781583691137 ^~Soft cover: 256 pages, 6" x 9".

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