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Those Who Came Before Book and DVD
Code: T1144
Book Authors: Robert H. Lister and Florence C. Lister
Publisher: Western National Parks Association
Book ISBN: 9781877856389
Soft cover: 232 pages, 10" x 9"
DVD ISBN: 9781583690567
Format: DVD Video
Running Time: 60 minutes.

Member Price: $21.32
Non-Member Price: $24.95

The book is a substantially revised and expanded overview of the legacy of prehistoric cultures of the American Southwest, as preserved and interpreted by the National Park Service in more than 37 sites. The DVD explores the monumental architecture and finely crafted arts created by the ancestral culture of the Southwest while telling how explorers, ranchers, and scholars pieced together the history of these ancient Indians. The DVD features menu-based chapter selections, English language subtitle option, and a transcript of the narration in a DVD-ROM content area for computer users. ^~Book Authors: Robert H. Lister and Florence C. Lister ^~Publisher: Western National Parks Association ^~Book ISBN: 9781877856389 ^~Soft cover: 232 pages, 10" x 9" ~^DVD ISBN: 9781583690567 ^~Format: DVD Video ^~Running Time: 60 minutes.