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The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz
Code: M2102
Authors: Susan Lowell, James Hills, Michael Wisner, Jorge Quintana, Robin Stancliff
Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers
ISBN: 1887896082
Soft cover: 208 pages, 9" x 11".

Member Price: $25.60
Non-Member Price: $29.95

For the past twenty-five years an extraordinary art movement has been underway in the remote countryside of northern Mexico, a renaissance of ceramic art in the tiny village of Mata Ortiz. As unlikely as it may seem, this phenomenon was sparked by the genius of a village woodcutter of rare artistic talent and equally rare determination, Juan Quezada. Over the years, by trial and error, Juan Quezada gradually recreated the technology of the ancient pre-Columbian masterpieces, until modern masterpieces also emerged from his own hands. Now this reawakening of the ancient art is taking many forms in the hands of some three hundred villagers. Included is a guide for travelers planning to visit the village, an index of Mata Ortiz potters, a schedule of exhibitions in the U. S. and Mexico of Mata Ortiz pottery featured in this book, a glossary, and a bibliography. ^~Authors: Susan Lowell, James Hills, Michael Wisner, Jorge Quintana, Robin Stancliff ^~Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers ^~ISBN: 1887896082 ^~Soft cover: 208 pages, 9" x 11".

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The Artistry and History of Mata Ortiz
Code: A1440
Authors: John V. Bezy & Stuart D. Scott
ISBN: 9781450720670
Soft cover: 164 pages, 9" x 12".

Member Price: $25.60
Non-Member Price: $29.95