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Mata Ortiz Rabbit Mom and Baby
Code: EX-JB050
Price: $320.00

By Tomas Quintana, Mata Ortiz, Mexico

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The Miracle of Mata Ortiz: Juan Quezada and the Potters of Northern Chihuahua
Code: M9635
Author: Walter P. Parks
Publisher: Coulter Press
ISBN: 0963765507
Soft cover: 160 pages, 8" x 9".

Member Price: $34.19
Non-Member Price: $40.00

Heriberto Ledezma Mata Ortiz Olla with Rabbits
Code: EX-M1199-B
Price: $90.00
Seven hundred years ago the trading city of Paquimé thrived in what is now northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico. This pre-Columbian culture manufactured pottery of outstanding beauty and quality, but after Paquimé was fell to ruins, this pottery tradition was lost. In the 1950s, Juan Quezada found sherds of this pottery around his native village of Mata Ortiz, and was inspired to learn, develop, and produce his own interpretation of the Paquimé art form. Juan’s family and friends learned his techniques, and the town of Mata Ortiz is now known as a central producer of world-class fine art pottery.