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Casa Grande:House of Many Stories DVD
Code: C2285
Publisher: Western National Parks Association
Producer: Great Divide Pictures for the National Park Service
ISBN: 9781583691618
Format: DVD NTSC Video
Time: 21 minutes

Member Price: $10.25
Non-Member Price: $11.99

Join narrator Adam Beach on a spirit-filled journey to explore the mystery and complexity of the many-storied Casa Grande. At Casa Grande National Monument the ruins of an ancient Sonoran Desert people's farming community and Great House are preserved. Their complex system of irrigation canals, meticulously dug with stone and hand tools, was a triumph of engineering, rerouting precious water from the Gila River to the Casa Grande and other desert communities. Whether the Great House was a ceremonial gathering place, an observatory, or simply a prominent waypoint in an extensive system of canals, villages, and trading centers is but part of its mystique. Around 1450 CE the desert people dispersed from their densely populated settlements. Today six southwestern tribes trace their ancestry to these ancient ones. This film chronicles some of their history as related by descendants as well as studies and reports by prominent archaeologists and antropologists. ^~Publisher: Western National Parks Association ^~Producer: Great Divide Pictures for the National Park Service ^~ISBN: 9781583691618 ^~Format: DVD NTSC Video ^~Time: 21 minutes