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Native Harvest: Authentic Southwestern Gardening
Code: C0023
Author: Kevin Dahl
Photographer: Amy Haskell
Publisher: Western National Parks Association
ISBN: 9781583690604
Soft cover: 64 pages, 6" x 9".

Member Price: $6.79
Non-Member Price: $7.95

Native Harvest explains in a clear and straightforward way that anyone in the Southwest can grow foods and other plants that have traditionally grown here. Learn methods Native farmers use to help their plants grow: not only when to plant, but also how to channel and save water, how to control pests naturally, and other practices that have sustained southwestern gardening for more than 1,000 years. Native Harvest also includes unfussy recipes that incorporate these fresh and tasty foods. Full color photographs of native crops in fruit and flower illustrate how beautiful these plants can look in your garden. With this exciting new book, readers can create a connection to traditional and contemporary cultures in their own backyard. Native Harvest highlights individual plants and profiles them, including their cultural history and native use. The book includes information on corn, beans, squash, amaranth, devilís claw, and several other staple southwestern food crops. Native Harvest is the culmination of a unique partnership between two pioneering nonprofit organizations based in Tucson, Arizona. Western National Parks Association teamed with seed experts Native Seed/SEARCH (more information here) to produce a fun and informed publication. ^~Author: Kevin Dahl ^~Photographer: Amy Haskell ^~Publisher: Western National Parks Association ^~ISBN: 9781583690604 ^~Soft cover: 64 pages, 6" x 9".