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A Border Runs Through It: Journeys in Regional History and Folklore
Code: B1792
Author: Jim Griffith
Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers
ISBN: 9781933855622
Hard-cover: 122 pages, 6½" x 9¼

Member Price: $15.34
Non-Member Price: $17.95

^~Author: Jim Griffith ^~Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers ^~ISBN: 9781933855622 ^~Hard-cover: 122 pages, 6½" x 9¼
Folklorist Jim Griffith has translated his popular PBS series, "Southern Arizona Traditions," into an engaging book. He takes the reader on a journey through the folklore and traditional cultures of southern Arizona and northern Sonora in Mexico (the region known as the Pimerķa Alta, or upper land of the Pimas). Experience the vibrant arts, music, religion, culinary traditions, places, and people of the region.