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Arizona Kicks on Route 66
Code: A1890
Text by Roger Naylor; Photographs by Larry Lindahl
Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers
ISBN: 9781933855769
Paperback: 92 pages, 9" x 12".

Member Price: $11.07
Non-Member Price: $12.95

^~Text by Roger Naylor; Photographs by Larry Lindahl ^~Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers ^~ISBN: 9781933855769 ^~Paperback: 92 pages, 9" x 12".
More than just a road trip, traveling Route 66 across Arizona is a rollicking adventure. That twisted ribbon of highway--that loopy, swoopy road, that python of pavement--curls from the sun-gnawed desert through stark badlands and into ferocious mountains. Along the way the "Mother Road" is cradled by layers of Americana, with dazzling side trips branching in every direction. Take the journey of a lifetime across Arizona, the birthplace of Historic Route 66. Just be sure to save room for pie.