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Aztec Ruins National Monument
Code: A1000
Author: Scott Thybony
Publisher: Western National Parks Association
ISBN: 9781877856082
Soft cover: 16 pages, 9" x 9".

Member Price: $4.23
Non-Member Price: $4.95

Aztec Ruins National Monument in northwestern New Mexico is the site of an elaborately planned settlement that was populated by prehistoric Pueblo Indians known as the Ancestral Puebloans. The large complex consisted of three great houses, large kivas, tri-walled structures, roadways, and as many as 100 smaller pueblos along the valley and nearby terraces. Learn how the Ancestral Puebloans lived here and the theories behind their sudden disappearance in the late 13th century. Photos by George H. H. Huey. ^~Author: Scott Thybony ^~Publisher: Western National Parks Association ^~ISBN: 9781877856082 ^~Soft cover: 16 pages, 9" x 9".

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