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Ryan Singer Diné (Navajo) Pop Art T-shirts

Hubbell Trading Post has a 135+ year tradition of supporting American Indian artists. Hubbell’s (as it’s affectionately known) has partnered with Diné (Navajo) artist Ryan Singer to develop three t-shirts around several of his signature works.  Ryan’s art derives from his desire to express himself as a modern American Indian artist. His creative and humorous reflections on stereotypes and blend of popular culture with Diné traditions make his art truly unique. The shirts are proudly made in the USA on stylish American Apparel shirts. The shirts are available online here, at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site and the National Parks Store Tucson.


Ryan Singer Mutton Stew T-Shirt
Code: N156X
Member Price: $21.36
Non-Member Price: $24.99

Warhol on the Reservation

In modern Diné (Navajo) society, sheep symbolize wealth, stature and stability. They’re also part of the reservation staple food mutton stew. This Pop Art-inspired design by Ryan Singer reflects several elements of Diné culture: the depiction of a Navajo man lassoing a sheep, the arrowhead, and the expression "Ayoo Likan" (very tasty) mimicks the famous Campbell’s, “Mmm Mmm Good” slogan.

Made in the USA on screen printed fine jersey American Apparel unisex T-shirts


Ryan Singer Gohwééh (Coffee) T-Shirt
Code: N155X
Member Price: $21.36
Non-Member Price: $24.99

Go Juice, Day-Starter, Muddy Water, Morning Thunder

Proudly wear your affection for one of the most popular beverages in the world. This simple design reflects the universal love for coffee and its importance in Diné (Navajo) culture. Gohwééh, the western Diné word for coffee, is a reservation staple at home, work and gatherings - morning, noon and night. Coffee was widely introduced to the Diné ca. 1864 as a government ration at Ft Sumner during “the Long Walk.” Growing up on the reservation, artist Ryan Singer recalls “cowboy coffee pots” boiling over an open flame or on the top of a wood stove.  

Made in the USA on screen printed fine jersey American Apparel unisex T-shirts


Ryan Singer Wagon Burner T-Shirt
Code: N114X
Member Price: $21.36
Non-Member Price: $24.99

A Cautionary Sign of the Times

Designed to resemble a warning road sign, the symbol is a graphic interpretation of the racial slur "Wagon Burner.” It’s meant as a cautionary sign and symbol to confront racism in a humorous, historical, honest and reflective way. This lightning rod work of art is Ryan Singer’s trademark image and continues to attract attention and invite conversation.

Made in the USA on screen printed fine jersey American Apparel unisex T-shirts