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Join an exclusive WNPA tour, concert, play or workshop today and find yourself in the American story by experiencing the unique beauty, culture, and heritage of our national parks. In turn, your support helps us share the national park experience—the American story—with everyone.

WNPA Tours, Concerts, & Workshop Events

  Western National Parks Store—Weaving the Navajo Way: Beginner's Class, Jan. 8-10, 2016

  WNPA Insider Tour: Amerind Museum, Jan 21, 2016

  Tohono O’odham Beginning Basket Weaving Workshop, Wed, Feb 24, 2016

  WNPA Insider Tour: Desert Museum, Feb 25, 2016

  Making a Beaded Gourd Rattle with R. Carlos Nakai March 2 & 9, 2016 10AM-4PM each day

  WNPA Insider Tour: Spanish Colonialism, Mar 24, 2016

  WNPA Insider Tour--Arizona State Museum Curator's Tour, July 28 OR August 4, 2016

  Insider Tour: El Morro, Camel Corps, & Sky City, Sept. 9–11

  Insider Tour: Chaco Culture, May 27–June 1

  Insider Tour: Canyon de Chelly, Oct. 25–27